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Easy to use

Icon: HD video chat

HD Video Chat

Whether it be face to face meetings, video conference, phone, messaging products such as Slack, email or other forms of written communication that you’d like to simulate, we have you covered.

Icon: Shared workspace

Shared workspace

Collaborate with your teacher in real-time. Employees can work on actual problems they are facing at work, all in one place.

Icon: Real-time translation

Real-time translation

Get the translation of what teachers are saying in real time! For when your employee needs a little extra help with a word, they can simply click on it and see the translation instantly.

Icon: Integrated learner’s dictionary

Integrated Learner’s Dictionary

All of the Talaera user interface is fully integrated with Cambridge University Press Learner’s Dictionaries. Students can receive level appropriate definitions of any word, anywhere in the user interface. This includes all content and any text that the user can interact with.

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Icon: Mobile app for lessons on-the-go

Mobile App for Lessons On-the-Go

Icon: Flexible scheduling

Flexible scheduling

Plan lessons around your work day, even when travelling. With our mobile App it’s easy to take lessons on the go.

Icon: Lesson feedback

Lesson feedback

Stay on track with customized teacher feedback after each lesson. Students get feedback from their teacher on areas like new vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and homework, and they often suggest how to keep improving between sessions.

Google Play store

Icon: Google Play store

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Icon: We manage the logistics

We manage the logistics from A-Z

Icon: Team manager oversight

Team Manager Oversight

Easily add and remove employees from your team, manage billing across multiple teams, and ensure your employees are engaging effectively.

Icon: Progress reporting

Progress Reporting

Understand the goals of each employee and monitor how each of them is progressing along their learning plan.

Icon: Real-time assistance

Real-time Assistance

Rest easy knowing that one of our customer service professionals is ready and waiting to help your employees at any point before, during or after a lesson.