Business English Training
for your Global Workforce

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Highly Customized, Cloud Enabled Platform for Business English Lessons

On-demand online sessions

On-Demand Online Sessions

100% flexible hours to match your employees’ busy schedules

Dedicated teachers

Dedicated Teachers

Professional coaches from top universities like Yale, Harvard or Columbia

Progress tracking at a glance

Progress Tracking at a Glance

Comprehensive reporting & tracking system for team managers

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Personalized Learning

Effective communication

Effective communication

Learn how to communicate clearly across a variety of channels

Confidence building

Confidence building

Unlock your potential and walk into professional situations with confidence

Cultural immersion

Cultural immersion

Master cultural nuances and build more fruitful relationships

Accent reduction

Accent reduction

Be easily understood and avoid miscommunication

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Our Technology

Learn on one comprehensive platform, wherever you are

The Talaera platform integrates all elements of your employees’ language learning experience into a single place. For team managers and HR personnel, Talaera handles all of the logistics, from onboarding to engagement analytics. Employees can take their sessions via our integrated video chat, receive comprehensive feedback after each session and complete homework on the platform. For busy professionals who are always on the go, Talaera can be used over the web or through our mobile app.

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How Talaera Benefits Businesses

Global reach

Global Reach

  • Hire the best people, not just the best English speakers
  • Cultivate international teamwork for a leg up in the global marketplace
Enhanced communication

Enhanced communication

  • Eliminate language barriers for increased productivity
  • Encourage remote workers to share valuable input
Maximized output

Maximized Output

  • Establish effective communication with clients, partners and suppliers
  • Improve negotiations and achieve more closed sales
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