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Our Mission

TALAERA |tā-lē-ra|

The word Talaera comes from Icelandic, one of the most difficult languages in the world. Tala means “speak” and Læra means “learn”. We aspire to make even the most challenging language journeys easier for you.

Talaera was born after German founder Anita tried to improve her English pronunciation, and Irish founder Mel attempted to learn German. After many international misadventures, misunderstandings and missed opportunities working with international teams, they both recognized that the global marketplace sorely needed flexible, accessible language training for professionals. They decided to take matters into their own hands!

We know what a difference high‐quality language training can make. Our international team members have experienced firsthand the social, professional and academic benefits of being able to communicate effectively in English. Our mission is to provide non‐native English learners with the skills they need to communicate in the real world and express themselves with confidence.

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Meet the Team

Anita Anthonj, Founder and CEO

Anita Anthonj
Founder, CEO

Born and raised in Germany, Anita caught the English bug early. After spending a year as an exchange student in Ohio, she moved to NYC to pursue a career in media. Over the past ten years she has worked on numerous international TV, film, commercial and stage projects, surmounting countless cultural and language barriers. Her work has been featured in the New York Times, BBC, Huffington Post and CBS amongst others with Buzzfeed calling her favorite project Signal Strength “the coolest video chat in history”.

Anita attended Circle in the Square Theatre School in NYC and studied Political Science at the FernUniversitaet in Hagen, Germany.

Mel MacMahon, Founder

Mel MacMahon

Originally from Ireland, Mel has lived and worked on 5 continents, including Antarctica, where he managed the South Pole research station in support of the National Science Foundation. Prior to founding Talaera, Mel held multiple positions at Raytheon, Lockheed Martin and Microsoft. He also spent a few years as a ski instructor and scuba diving instructor in places such as Iceland, Japan and Turks and Caicos.

Mel holds a Masters in Physics from the University of Delft in the Netherlands and an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.

Jens Tröger, CTO

Jens Tröger
Code Monkey, CTO

Jens grew up in East Germany, lived in Australia for five years and in the United States for ten. He is a passionate and experienced software designer and programmer. From assembly and drivers, to OS, to web applications, he has tinkered with all of them. His love of scuba diving and photography has taken him around the world, from teaching diving in Samoa to sailing the remote islands of the South Pacific. His travels even landed him a Nat Geo nomination for Best Wildlife photograph. Jens has worked for Microsoft, Intel and Oracle. He founded Bookalope, an online service for writers that automatically converts manuscripts to e‐books and printed format.

Jens holds a PhD in Computer Science from Queensland University of Technology and an MSc in Computer Science from Technische Universität Dresden.

Ljubomir Bradic, Graphic Design

Ljubomir Bradic
Graphic Design

Born in Serbia and growing up in Canada, Ljubomir is no stranger to ESL classes or what it takes to learn a new language. Although his career started working for large companies like IBM and Microsoft, he prefers the innovation and fast pace of startups. A veteran of multiple successful startups, including most recently as a founder, he brings years of experience in user experience design, product design and product management to the team. He can often be seen in Seattle coffee shops sharing his fascination with cats and jiu‐jitsu with anyone willing to listen.

Ljubomir holds B.Eng in Engineering from University of Toronto and studied Graphic Design at School of Visual Concepts in Seattle.

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