Business English Training
for your Global Workforce

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Invest in Your Team’s Professional Development

Give your international employees the chance to shine bright with their presentations, business meetings, negotiations, professional emails, pronunciation, and cultural understanding.

Global reach

Real-Life Communication

Increase productivity by helping your global team members communicate seamlessly in different professional situations across cultures and departments.

Enhanced communication

Employee Engagement

Help your international talent feel included, and increase their engagement by enabling them to expand their career opportunities.

Maximized output

Language & Culture Fit

Bring your international teams closer together, through communication and cultural training and help them fit into your company culture.

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Professional English Training For Employees

Customized training

Customized training

Tailored to your organization’s and employees’ individual needs

Online teaching

On-demand, online sessions

Easy, 24/7 scheduling for all time zones with excellent manager experience

Native-English speaking teachers

Native-English teachers

Effective, 1:1 sessions with professional teachers (also available for small groups!)

Premium content

Premium content

Access to constantly updated exercises, original videos and news articles

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Our English Learning Technology

On Demand Training

Talaera is a cutting-edge, tech-enabled, on-demand platform for personalized professional English and culture training.

360 Experience for Learners

Easy-to-use technology featuring real-time transcription, translation, integrated dictionaries & thousands of interactive exercises.

Highly Convenient for HR and L&D Managers

In the words of one of our corporate customers: “Talaera handles all your training logistics from A to Z, their customer support experience is excellent, and I found it all extremely easy!”

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Business English
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What’s in it for HR and Training Managers?

“So easy it won’t even go on your to-do list”

On-demand online sessions

Learning plans tailored to your organization’s needs

Dedicated teachers

Personal development opportunity that will increase employee engagement

Progress tracking at a glance

Recruitment tool for employee retention and global relocation perks

Dedicated teachers

Easy and attractive perk for your remote teams and hardwon international talent

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